Vintage Corvette Ads from the 1970s

We tie up our series on vintage Corvette magazine ads with this series of 4 advertisements from the 1970s. 1977 Corvette Ads The Role of the Dream Car For many in 1977 – like today – the Corvette was a dream car, what people worked and saved their entire lives for. Chevrolet capitalizes on the […]

Vintage Corvette Ads from the Late 1960s

We’re continuing our review of some classic Corvette ads from magazines, this time focusing on ads for 1966-era Corvettes. As before, we’d like to thank Flickr user Alden Jewell for preserving these fond memories! Corvette Ads from 1966 The Chevrolet Built for Two There’s nothing like a romantic picnic for two…except one that you get […]

Vintage Corvette Ads from the Early 1960s

We’ve previously looked at some of the great Corvette ads from the 1950s as provided by Flickr member aldenjewell, who has done a superb job archiving these images. Today we’ll look at more magazine ads for Corvettes, this time from the first half of the 1960s. Corvette Ads from 1960 What Happened to Gravity? Purely […]

Vintage Corvette Ads from the 1950s

Magazine and newspaper advertisements were a major source of brand awareness and salesmanship, back in a time when radios and TVs were few and far between, and the Internet hadn’t even been dreamed of. We didn’t have infomercials, or Facebook…the world of advertising was primarily based on print advertising. The benefit for us is being […]