Vintage Corvette Ads from the Late 1960s

We’re continuing our review of some classic Corvette ads from magazines, this time focusing on ads for 1966-era Corvettes. As before, we’d like to thank Flickr user Alden Jewell for preserving these fond memories!

Corvette Ads from 1966

The Chevrolet Built for Two

1966 Corvette Ad

There’s nothing like a romantic picnic for two…except one that you get to  in your 1966 Corvette convertible, that is! A stressed-out couple argues over who has it the roughest – work, kids, you name it. But the Corvette makes up for all their troubles.

There’s no room for the kids in the backseat, the advertisement says, because you don’t compromise with a true sports car. So get a babysitter, pack some snacks, and head out into the country!

Italy Doesn’t Have a Thing on Ashtabula, Ohio

1966 Corvette Ad

In 1966, everyone knew about fast, sleek European sports cars…but who had heard of a town called Ashtabula, Ohio? Chevrolet fans, had, of course, because that’s where the body for the ’66 Corvette was produced. Maybe it wasn’t as well known, but the Corvettes coming off the Ashtabula production line certainly held their own with Italian sports cars! GM sells the experience, but then goes on to let us know that you can but a Corvette at any US Chevrolet dealership, across the country, “for several million lire less”!!!

Corvette Ads from 1967

Good “Second Hand” Car

1967 Corvette AdWe’re not talking resale value here – “second hand” refers to the 1967 Corvette’s speed, not “secondhand” as in “used car”! This ad challenges drivers to put the Corvette through its paces while watching the second hand on a stopwatch.

Then it poses a challenge – can the reader find another sports car with the same or better performance? With as many options as were offered on the ’67 Stingray Corvette? We doubt anyone bested that challenge.

St. Louis

1967 Corvette AdThe 1967 Corvette production facility had been moved to St. Louis – and Chevrolet used this ad to capitalize on people’s familiarity with the city. The writing harks back to “The Spirit of St. Louis”, another transportation milestone, as it was the name of the plane that Charles Lindberg flew nonstop from New York to Paris in 1927. The photography displays the ’67 Stingray with the famous St. Louis Gateway Arch in the background.

Corvette Ads from 1968

Tough Act to Follow

1968 Corvette AdChevrolet knew they had a winner with the 1968 Corvette – they were celebrating its 15th anniversary, after all! But the previous year they had released a new “sports car” (a style known as a pony car) to compete with the Ford Mustang – the Camaro. GM gets more bang for their buck by showing off their well-known Corvette and then telling readers how the Camaro favorably compares – the same excitement, road-hugging ride, and 325 horsepower engine.

Buyers now had two choices in a sporty model from Chevrolet, and this ad captures the heart of both groups of customers.

10 Seconds to Lift Off

1968 Corvette AdThe title of this ad has nothing to do with the space age – but everything to do with the removable roof panels and rear window on the 1968 Coupe! The imagery shows a roof panel floating above the car, an indication of how easy it was to remove the panels for an open-air drive.

There’s a certain cute-factor to the ad copy here too, as it playfully accuses the reader of not paying attention, because his or her focus is on the Corvette instead! The slogan “Like a car, only better” evoked some laughs as well as knowing nods from fans.

Aerodynamic Duo

1968 Corvette AdHere’s another ad that draws in potential customers for both the 1968 Corvette and the ’68 Camaro – aka “The Hugger”. The photograph shows a red Camaro SS Sport Coupe and a blue Corvette Sting Ray side by side, with a description of the aerodynamic nature of both cars. It also throws around a lot of big numbers – horsepower and cubic inches – designed to spark the interest of those who want lots of power and performance in their sports cars.

Corvair, Eldorado and Corvette

1968 Corvette AdHere, General Motors is bragging on some of its favorite 1968 models – the Corvette, the Eldorado, and the Corvair. Despite the sporty nature of the Camaro, the Corvette is still touted as “the only true production sports car” being produced in America. Other popular GM cars, the Eldorado features front-wheel drive and a large, quiet V8 engine, while the rear-engine Corvair’s superb handling is described, as well as the independent suspension. Clearly this ad is pushing the Corvette, which takes up the majority of the real-estate in this two-page spread, but for customers with a different budget or other priorities, GM is casting its nets a bit wider.

Camaro / Corvette

1968 Corvette AdOne last ad from 1968 again compares the Corvette Sting Ray and “The Hugger” Camaro. Both convertibles are set on a highway with the ocean in the background – perhaps the Pacific Coast Highway? The imagery evokes speed, beauty, and the freedom of an open drive with the wind in your hair.

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