Fall 2014 Corvette Shows

Corvette Restoration is about one thing, a love affair with a car that quite frankly transcends automotive history. Other brands have followings, other cars have a loving, faithful group of enthusiasts but none can compare to that of the Corvette…perhaps we’re all not quite right in the head. So be it, if being faithful to the Vette is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Corvette shows Fall 2014

There are a lot of reasons that we work so hard and long restoring our Corvettes, but the biggest reason is to show them off. My first "car show" was down in Fort Lauderdale, growing up as a young auto enthusiast, the Friday night meetup at Coconuts on the Beach was about one thing, well two things really, but the most important thing was checking out the hot cars. Shined up, looking sharp, hoods popped, chrome glinted engine compartments, and perfect bodies were the norm. It’s the first time I ever thought about owning a Corvette.

Even then, but especially today, these types of car shows were the normal and hooking up with local car clubs for a cruise are still and hopefully will always be a mainstay in the Corvette culture. Whether you are participating in a Friday night drive-in meetup, or a nationally acclaimed car show, matters not, because the theme is the same. Showing off our rides. But today, it seems that themes are more and more associated with the Corvette love affair. Vets n’ Vettes or Corvettes and Caffeine (one of my personal favorites), are just a sampling of the way some Corvette enthusiasts are trying to meld the best of two worlds. These types of shows are the backbone of a strong enthusiast base and they of course can lead to participation in bigger events such as the Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals or the Corvette Chevy Expo in Dallas. Lots of options exist for the Corvette owner who’s ready to show off their ride.

In the end, restoring a Corvette is its own reward, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t fun to cruise together with other Corvette owners or go to a show to put your wares on display. Each owner’s motivation is different, but we hope that whatever you do, you realize that you are part of a much larger world, with other incredibly faithful owners who just like you and me, love the Corvette!

We’ve included a list of upcoming events and dates, but to be sure this is not an all-inclusive list. If we just worked to keep updated on ALL the events going on, there’d be no time to actually work on our Corvettes and really what would the point be then?

Happy Cruisin’!!






Photo by Don O’Brien on Flickr and used under Creative Commons license


  1. Many more Florida Corvette shows listed on our club’s web site, http://www.cfca.net. Although we did miss the Vette Fest in Kissimmee the October 3rd weekend (conflict with another major Corvette show in ST Pete Beach, Fl). Major show, also on our web site, at Disney Thanksgiving weekend.

    Mike Ungerman, Central Florida Corvette Association, Competition Director

    • Bryan Carrell says

      Hi Mike, Thanks for the additional Corvette Show dates. There are so many Corvette events going on during the fall season that its hard to keep track of them.

      With this many events happening all over…there is just about no reason that we can’t get out and enjoy a Corvette show.

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