Can the Corvette Outlast the Current Economy?

A recent blog post from Digital Trends cited an interview with the chief designer of the Corvette and states that if sales dont improve in the C7, this could be the last Corvette ever. Consider that simple statement for just a moment. Last Corvette Ever. OK, so, we’re not going to be alarmists about this […]

Breaking Records: The Top Record Breaking American Sports Cars Sales

When you think of multi-million dollar sports cars, James Bond’s Aston Martin springs to mind, as well as a host of other British- and European-made cars: Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo. In fact, most of top record-setting sales in sports cars are set by Ferrari. But in the last few years, American sports cars have started […]

2014 Corvettes Begin Shipping

On September 18th, the first shipments of the 2014 Corvette Stingray began rolling out from GM’s exclusive Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The hotly anticipated next generation car will be arriving in showrooms in a few weeks. Here’s a look at what potential buyers and Corvette aficionados can expect. A high price tag. […]

Women and the Automotive Industry: Are there enough?

Back in January 2012, GM lost one of its top female executives.  Susan Docherty, former president and managing director of Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe, resigned and was replaced this year by Dr. Thomas Sedran, calling into question the role of women executive leadership in the auto industry.  Fortunately, GM is now poised to possibly promote […]

Questions to Ask when Buying Aftermarket Corvette Parts

Aftermarket parts encompass the majority of available options for older Corvettes. They are parts which were purchased some time ago from the regular retail market and then either used inside of a vehicle or stored away. It isn’t just Corvettes either; all older vehicles, especially muscle cars and those with the big, 500 HP + […]

The Most Family Friendly Sports Cars On The Market

Here’s a good question – what type of sports car is a good fit for your family? Whether you have a dog or three kids and need to pile them all into the back seat, how do you pick a car that screams “fun” without it being almost entirely impractical? Here are a few of […]

Our Favorite Cars for Commuting

Commuting is not, by definition, fun. It’s time consuming and stressful and often eats a hole in your wallet for gas and parking. So we’ve put together a list of cars that fit multiple commuting situations so you can minimize that stress and enjoy yourself. Best Gas Mileage In recent years, there has been an […]

Can You Make A Front Wheel Drive Sports Car?

Just about every major sports car ever built is rear wheel drive. There’s good reason for this. By putting the drive behind the bulk of the car, it’s possible to leverage the power of the engine and get off the line much faster. Not only that, but rear wheel drive cars tend to oversteer instead […]

Best Retro-New Cars Of The Last 5 Years

There has been a trend recently of reviving classic car names and models with fresh, modern styling. It’s not a new trend by any means. Take the Corvette for example – it has been around uninterrupted for more than 60 years and continues to be updated and innovated upon with each new iteration. But the […]

Biggest Stories Out Of The 2013 NY Auto Show

The 2013 NYC Auto Show was held from March 29th to April 7th this spring and that means a number of new concept cars, soon to be released models, and new technologies were unveiled and showed off to show attendees. Which of these big unveilings made headlines most? Here are a few of our favorites […]