Corvette Cloth Seats – More (or less) than meets the eye

The 2015 Corvette has a variety of configurations – engine/transmission, performance exhaust, sound system upgrades, and much more, but classic Corvette restoration projects have a variation that you won’t see any longer in modern Corvette culture. Some might consider that a blessing in disguise, but to purists, especially where interior authenticity is sought after, it […]

How to Prepare Your Car for the Winter Weather

Whatever the weather condition, checking and keeping your car in top shape is of utmost importance. This requirement assumes serious importance if the area is prone to severe winters. Cold weather tests the vehicle’s preparedness and finds overlooked weaknesses like no other. By following our simple 20-point checklist you can prepare your vehicle for the […]

Fall 2014 Corvette Shows

Corvette Restoration is about one thing, a love affair with a car that quite frankly transcends automotive history. Other brands have followings, other cars have a loving, faithful group of enthusiasts but none can compare to that of the Corvette…perhaps we’re all not quite right in the head. So be it, if being faithful to […]

6 Easy Car Problems You Can Troubleshoot Yourself

If you own a car, you should be able to perform certain basic maintenance tasks on your vehicle without resorting to a trip to the mechanic. From oil changes to fluid checks, you want to be able to see what works and when it is working properly (or when it is not). So to give […]

Owning a Corvette on a Beer Budget

The Corvette has been a mainstay an icon even of the American Automotive Industry for over 60 years.  That type of love affair is not going to be cheap or something that anyone can afford, right?  Wrong.  To be sure, owning a Corvette, walking into a dealership, chunking down some coin and having the salesperson […]

New Years Restoration Project Part 3 – Strip and Metal Fabrication

In previous posts for this series, we’ve discussed finding and purchasing a Corvette and documenting the “before” stage. Now that you’ve got the bug, you finally bit the bullet and purchased a Corvette; you’ve brought the vehicle home or to your garage and are ready to start working on it.  So let’s jump right in […]

New Years Restoration Project Step 2 – Documenting and Taking Pictures

In our ongoing series on starting a New Years Restoration project, we are going to cover first steps to getting started.  In the last entry, we discussed the search for a Corvette.  Places to look, and the idea that you wanted to look for a car to restore that plays to your strengths.   So, for […]

Which Corvettes are Considered the Best of the Worst?

That said, we will freely admit Corvette enthusiasts are biased, you may like just your Corvette, the Corvette brand, just one particular class of Corvettes, or every Corvette model that’s ever been built.  But that doesn’t mean there weren’t some ugly ducklings along the way.  Some versions, shall we say, models that didn’t quite live […]

New Year’s Corvette Restoration Project – Finding the Perfect Corvette

We’re going to be a doing a series of blog posts on new restoration projects, detailing steps to take, project issues, and anything else we can come up with that we feel makes sense.  If you already own a Corvette, then this first step will be unnecessary, but we want to focus on it because […]

Corvette Owners are a Special Breed…and We Know It

Owning a Corvette means a lot of different things to different owners.  Perhaps you are buying a Corvette for the very first time, or maybe you’re having a mid-life crisis (hey, there are worse things you can do than buy a Corvette to satisfy that desire to stay young).  Perhaps you are an enthuisiast of […]