Questions to Ask when Buying Aftermarket Corvette Parts

Aftermarket Corvette PartsAftermarket parts encompass the majority of available options for older Corvettes. They are parts which were purchased some time ago from the regular retail market and then either used inside of a vehicle or stored away.

It isn’t just Corvettes either; all older vehicles, especially muscle cars and those with the big, 500 HP + engines are difficult to find parts for, especially today when cars and trucks are becoming more computerized.

Because of this, there are a few smart questions you should ask before you ever put money down on aftermarket Corvette parts.

Are These Parts New or Used?

First, you want to know if the aftermarket part in question is used or new. There is a big difference between a radiator which has never done a day of work in its life and one which has been in use for ten or twenty years.

Both of these parts are technically aftermarket Corvette parts, but there is a huge difference in quality between the two. This is probably the first question you should ask when calling or messaging about aftermarket parts, not just for Corvettes but any vehicles you might be working on.

If you can’t get a clear answer to this question, you could always give the part a thorough personal examination before you buy it. Some shady individuals might try to box up used parts and make them look new or put a brand new part for a different vehicle into the package for the Corvette part you want.

Can I Have the Original Sales Receipt?

If you’re in doubt as to the authenticity of a part, always ask for the original sales receipt. While many shysters will try to package up false parts or sell new something which is actually used, it is pretty difficult to fake a 30 year old receipt.

Any aftermarket Corvette parts dealer worth their salt will keep close track of their acquisitions and should be able to produce the receipt upon request.

Who Else Sells These Parts?

The above are two great questions to ask when buying aftermarket Corvette parts, but if you don’t remember to ask for a receipt or determine whether the part is brand new or heavily used, there is one thing you absolutely must not forget to ask when you’re getting ready to buy Corvette parts. Namely, who else can you find who is also selling the same parts?

The market for aftermarket Corvette parts is admittedly small. It’s pretty specialized, and because Corvettes are luxury cars to begin with, the average person isn’t going to be interested in Corvette equipment.

That doesn’t mean you should just throw your money away, though. If you can find multiple people selling the same piece you need for your Corvette, then you can probably get a better deal by letting them all know how many other people are vying for your money.

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