Rumors about The New 2014 Corvette C7

Auto manufacturers are always trying to hide their newest production run for as long as possible. Because every little curve, cut or other bit of tooling could make for the next great-looking car, automotive companies like Chevrolet try their hardest to keep visual details under wraps while happily touting most of the technical information, like engine specs, mileage and the sort.

Seen below, the 2014 C7 is low on details thanks to the automotive tarp covering the majority of the car.

C7 Corvette

The lack of details in any official images hasn’t stopped experts from speculating as to what the Corvette C7 might look like. It’s safe to assume it’s going to look something like other, recent Corvette models; huge changes don’t happen between single production runs of a car. Below are a few artist renderings depicting the new Corvette; please keep in mind they are not actual photos because those aren’t available now.

According to the people at Worldcarfans, this is what the 2014 Corvette C7 is going to look like from the front. Notice just how much further the mirrors stick out compared to how wide the car is.

2014 Corvette

It doesn’t exactly look like a Corvette; good thing this is just a supposition from one of many artists, each with a different idea of how the new Corvette is going to look. This isn’t exactly an ugly car, but some of the other pictures are better. Take this one for example.

It’s not clear precisely what person came up with this conceptualization but this sure looks more aggressive, more predatory, more Corvette than the first design.

2014 C7 Corvette

If this is how the new C7 is going to look, there won’t be too many unhappy customers. This looks like the kind of car people have to get in and drive. Strange enough is the similarity between this concept art and the next, a design from

This third could-be picture of the Corvette C7 looks a lot like the second picture. This one has a bulkier front end and the rear is tapered off; there might be a backseat with room for storage or more passengers.

C7 Corvette

This is a more family friendly Corvette, but does it really look like something Chevrolet would produce? It’s got a distinct Corvette look to it, but the following has the new surprise and flair typical of the most recent Corvette.

C7 Corvette 2014 Model

More than any of the other artist renderings, this looks like the Corvette of the future. It’s like a DeLorean or something else retro but made anew and far cooler. This sexy new look begs a driver to take advantage by climbing in and putting that quality engine to use. Could this be the look of the 2014 Corvette C7? We’ll let you know when we find out!

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