Holiday Shopping Part 3: Owning a Bit of History – Vette Style

Part 3 of a 3-part series.

Today is our last installment on choosing a Corvette as a holiday purchase this season. Previously we compared purchasing a new 2014 Corvette against buying a used C6 model from previous, recent years. Of course, the final option is to invest in a classic Corvette from previous generations

1966 Corvette by Sids1 on Flickr

Holiday shopping for Corvettes isn’t for the faint of heart.  A new lover of this model might say, get something new, it’s Christmas, but America’s love affair with this car runs a lot deeper than just buying the latest and greatest being produced at the GM factory.  To be sure, the C7 is a monster, and the C6 before it could hang with all comers.  But you don’t get to a C6 or C7 without breaking a lot of rules (and hearts) along the way.

So goes the “Classic Corvette” argument.

This leaves the bulk of the remaining Corvette audiences and enthusiasts who own anything and everything from the 50s on.  First thing to consider is pricetags and cost of ownership.  One argument between C6 and C7 was that the price tags would be a bit lower and while that is true, going older, classic or antique means as you go older and get to a more Classic level, the pricetags go up, and that’s to be expected.  Cost of ownership is the next consideration, let’s be honest.  Cars run, cars break.  Cars run fast (hehehe…sorry, was caught up in the moment there) but when you put your Corvette through it’s paces, chances are at some point it will require maintenance, restoration and/or just general repair.  Volunteer Vette is all about this because we love Corvettes; we stock the parts, supplies and items you need to get your vehicle running like it should.   Whether you tinker yourself, or have a mechanic that works for you.

While this is a blog post and not a standalone book, we won’t try and document the numerous styles, engines and/or modifications that are available.  One of the best reasons to go Classic is simple…they are Classics!  Yes, new styles look great and new always has little options or features that have that wow-factor, but the reason the C5, C6 and C7s are around today is  because of the faithful owners of yesteryears Corvettes.

We have spent a lot of time assisting Corvette owners in their restoration projects, and we’ve found one trait that all Corvette enthusiasts seem to have: a love of this car that transcends time.  A loyalty to a brand that creates a bond between those who just bought their first Corvette brand new, and those who still drive a split-window ’63 or a 56′ ragtop.  Corvettes are Corvettes, and American muscle is safe.

Lastly, prices notwithstanding, and maintenance, restoration and overall cost issues aside, when you want to buy a Corvette, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and feed your inner child that big piece of chocolate cake.  There are many reasons to own a Corvette, but whatever your reasons, remember that you are joining a part of history and sometimes it’s nice to have our cake (and eat it too)!

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