What You Should Know Before You Customize Your Corvette

Maybe you’ve got an old Corvette sitting in your driveway, just crying out for some attention. Or, perhaps you’ve seen an offer for a real diamond in the rough that needs some TLC: Tender Loving Customization. Before you start investing and making plans for that car, a little investigation will go a long towards telling […]

Protecting Your Car from the Elements

NOAA, the U.S. administration that tracks storms, predicts that 2013 will be an active hurricane season in the Atlantic, and after that, winter is coming – are you and your car ready?  It’s time to start protecting your vehicle from the elements. These simple tips can get you ready: 1. Maintain or repair your garage. […]

Fall Drives You Can’t Miss

With fall looming just ahead, this is the perfect time to plan a sweet ride through the countryside with a breathtaking tour of fall foliage.  Here are the 5 awe-inspiring drives that you can’t miss this fall: NORTHWEST: Columbia River Gorge Road, Oregon This highway travels as high as 900 feet above the Columbia River […]

Safeguard Your Sportscar Without Compromising Speed or Style

In June, Bloomberg reported that auto thefts in 2012 were up for the first time in 8 years. You can’t be too careful in safeguarding your car, especially if it’s new and comes with a hefty price tag. Most thieves will opt for the most valuable car that is easiest to steal. Here are 6 […]

Women and the Automotive Industry: Are there enough?

Back in January 2012, GM lost one of its top female executives.  Susan Docherty, former president and managing director of Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe, resigned and was replaced this year by Dr. Thomas Sedran, calling into question the role of women executive leadership in the auto industry.  Fortunately, GM is now poised to possibly promote […]

Three Tips for Outfitting Your C2 Corvette

C2 Corvette parts aren’t exactly difficult to come by, but with online shopping bringing unprecedented ease and convenience to those purchasing car parts, finding a specific gasket, fuel pump, radiator or other piece built exclusively for Corvettes is a simpler process than ever. However, even for someone who collects Corvette parts, finding the older varieties […]

Questions to Ask when Buying Aftermarket Corvette Parts

Aftermarket parts encompass the majority of available options for older Corvettes. They are parts which were purchased some time ago from the regular retail market and then either used inside of a vehicle or stored away. It isn’t just Corvettes either; all older vehicles, especially muscle cars and those with the big, 500 HP + […]

Finding a Corvette to Match Your Personality

Ever since cars started coming in colors besides solid black, people have been using them to make personal statements and attract attention. The image of men and women with hot cars getting hotter guys and girls is common in American society, but there is a little something to it. All over the world, men and […]

Best Looking Customized Corvettes

More than any other facet of a Corvette, its paint job expresses something about the personality of the person behind the wheel. Bumper stickers come and go as individuals and causes gain and lose popularity, but one thing that rarely changes about a Corvette is its overall look. Once an owner settles on the right […]

The World’s Most Famous Corvette Owners and Their Cars

Corvettes are among the most iconic cars on the road today. They have been used in movies, parades, as gifts to astronauts and more, making them idealized and idolized across the globe. It helps that Corvettes are pretty powerful cars in their own right – more than just expensive eye-candy. Jay Leno – The Car […]