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C4 Corvettes 1984-1996

Fuel System C4

Corvettes are like thoroughbred horses, you've got to feed them right if you want them to run right. C4 Corvette Fuel Systems are perhaps not as tricky to manage as racehorses, but Vette owners know, if you want get the horses out of your motor, it all starts with a well-maintained and functioning fuel system. Despite having more than a few Vettes listed on's All-Time Worst Vette List during this period, the 1984-1996 Corvettes had some of the best engine packages of the entire line thanks to the vision of Callaway and Chevrolet coming together to create twin-turbo, twin-intercooled power plants in 87.

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Keep your entire fuel system performing its best with quality parts such as fuelfilters, replacement gas tanks, carburetors, and all of the bits and pieces in between.

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