Body Mount 78-82

C3 Corvettes 1978-1982 Body Mount 78-82

C3 Corvettes 1978-1982

Body Mounts and Body Mount Kits

There's probably no restoration job that has more issues come up than when a Corvette owner needs to replace body mounts. Shim here, bolt there, and always headaches, headaches and more headaches. Take the pain out of this project with the best C3 Corvette Body Mounts and Kits available in the industry. Whether you need a rocker channel, or seat belt mount, or perhaps even a full body mount kit with fasteners, bolts, shims and washers, we have them. Look no further for your body mount part needs than Volvette.

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This page covers 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1982 Corvette Body Mount Parts.

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