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C6 Corvettes 2005-2013

Weatherstrip C6

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05-13 REAR HATCH WEATHERSTRIP Part # 6WA09 $189.99

C6 Corvette 2005 to 2013 Weatherstripping For Sale 

Keep the elements at bay and maintain your C6 Corvette's interior comfort with our premium selection of 2005 to 2013 weather stripping at Volunteer Vette Products. 

Our weather-stripping solutions are designed to provide a tight seal, effectively preventing water, wind, and noise from entering your vehicle. Crafted from high-quality materials and engineered for durability, each C6 Corvette weather-stripping part we sell ensures long-lasting protection and a snug fit.

Explore our selection today to find the perfect weather-stripping solutions to keep your C6 Corvette in top condition.