C2 Corvettes 1963-1967 Mufflers 63-67

C2 Corvettes 1963-1967

There's a good reason Corvettes are as bad as they are, it's because they only sound bad when you want them to. Having a bad muffler system is for the cars without the power to back up their speed and Corvettes do not fit in that category. C2 Corvette Mufflers sold at Volvette will keep your engine noise low, right up until you want to let them know you are there. Remember if it has to make a lot of noise while it's sitting at the line, it's probably not worth watching it run.

This section is for the C2 generation of Corvettes, including Corvettes from 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966,and 1967. To shop for Corvette exhaust parts for other models, please click any of the following links: