Air Conditioning 78-82

C3 Corvettes 1978-1982 Air Conditioning 78-82

C3 Corvettes 1978-1982

No one wants to replace an A/C system, but you don't want to be riding around town in a hot Corvette that is REALLY hot on the inside as well. The C3 Corvettes had their fair share of A/C issues, so whether you are replacing a POA valve, or compressor, blower motor and everything in between, Volvette knows how to help you. Whatever the problem, Volvette has the high quality C3 Corvette A/C parts you need to get your Corvette as cool on the inside as it is on the outside.

If instead you want A/C system parts for a Corvette from another model year, please follow the corresponding link below.

Keep your entire A/C system performing its best with quality parts such as fuelfilters, replacement gas tanks, carburetors, and all of the bits and pieces in between.

This page covers 1978 A/C Corvette parts, 1979 A/C Corvette parts, 1980 A/C Corvette parts, 1981 A/C Corvette parts, 1982 A/C Corvette parts.

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