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C3 Corvettes 1978-1982

Mufflers C3

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78 MUFFLER (LH) Part # EX05A $139.99
78 MUFFLERS (78 L48)
78 MUFFLERS (78 L48) Part # EX05A-B $259.99
78 MUFFLER (RH) Part # EX05B $139.99
78-82 MUFFLER (LH)
78-82 MUFFLER (LH) Part # EX05C $139.99
It can often be a chore sourcing parts for classic vehicles. If you're looking for parts for a classic Vette, your experience doesn't have to be so frustrating. At Volunteer Vette, we have a wide selection of Corvette parts for models dating all the way back to 1953. We have C3 Corvettes 1978-1982 Mufflers for Sale that will help keep your classic vehicle running up to spec and safe to enjoy on the open road.