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Side Exhaust 63-67

The distinctive styling of the side pipe exhaust systems of this generation leave little doubt as to the power the C2 Corvette is packing. Not to mention the chromed out look at will let them know ahead of time that they don't really want to mess with your ride. Volvette sells full C2 Corvette Side Exhaust kits which include stainless steel side pipes, side exhaust covers, upper rocker moldings, front & rear side exhaust cover hanger kits. If you are looking for just side exhaust component parts, we sell them that way too, just take a look at our selection.

This section is for the C2 generation of Corvettes, including Corvettes from 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966,and 1967. To shop for Corvette exhaust parts for other models, please click any of the following links: