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C2 Corvettes 1963-1967 Air Conditioning 63-67

C2 Corvettes 1963-1967

The 1963-1967 Corvettes had a complex A/C system with many valves which were prone to problems. So whether you're looking for an entire A/C kit or just need to replace one of your components, we're here to assist you. The A/C system consists of: compressor, POA valve, expansion valve, receiver drier, evaporator, and condenser, with A/C compressors that ran continuously, this led to many overuse problems.

These systems have a Pilot Operated Absolute valve (POA valve), which bypassed the refrigerant when necessary to prevent freeze-up, allowing the A/C compressor to run at all times, but that of course was not without it's own issues as well.

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